Whatever your plan, whatever your stage in life,
N1 can help you get there.

N1 provides high yield income opportunities, designed to help you achieve your financial goals via alternative asset investments.


We operate managed investment trusts and other financial assets on behalf of our investors, leveraging N1 pool of talents and vast network, to actively manage your investment, with sound compliance and risk control practice.


We strive to provide consistent and regular income opportunities via our investments selections of cash-based investment, property backed SME direct lending or unlisted property trust.


Chat to our Investor Relations team today to discus investment opportunity tailored to your financial goals or register your interest and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


Feel free to compare us to other market players, while N1 investments is fully audited by third party, as an ASX listed entity, a compliant, reliable and transparent investment operator and fund manager with evident track record.

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