One Lending Fund Lending Criteria

Type of Loan                            Loans to Borrowers are primarily structured as a pre-paid fixed interest rate.

Security                                     Loans are to be secured by first mortgages or second mortgages over real estate.

Purpose of loans                      Loans for established real estate. The Fund will not provide development finance.

Target location of security       Greater suburban Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Fund may also lend to         

                                                   property in other area located in Australia.

Target loan to value ratio        Each loan cannot exceed 70%-75% of the value of the security at the time of application.

Minimum and maximum

amounts for each loan


Minimum loan value is $100,000, including prepaid interest per transaction.

Maximum loan value is $5 million, including prepaid interest per transaction.

Loan term                                 Typically 3 -12 months. The Manager may extend the term of the loan.

Insurance                                  Adequate insurance over the property to be mortgaged must be in place.

Independent Valuations

Valuations to be prepared by an independent, qualified and registered valuer prior to advancing loan funds against a property being offered as security.

Consumer Loans

The Fund will not provide loans which would be regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. All non-coded loans are to be assessed

according to credit policy.

*No hidden agendas and hidden fees

Recent Lending Cases
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 Scenario A 

Borrowing purpose: Business cashflow
Borrowing amount: AUD 1,800,000
Type of colleterial: Commercial property
Location: Parramatta, NSW
Third-party valuation: AUD$66,000,000
Loan to Value Ratio : 29% (2nd Mortgage)
100% personal guarantee from the company directors 

Loan Status: Closed
Total loan term: 92 days

 Scenario B 

Borrowing purpose: Business expansion
Borrowing amount: AUD 1,085,000
Type of colleterial: Residential property 
Location: Northbridge & Kensington NSW
Third-party valuation: AUD 4,000,000 & AUD 585,000
Loan to Value Ratio: 70% (2nd Mortgage)
100% personal guarantee from the company directors 

Loan Status: Current

Total loan term: 91 days

 Scenario C 

Borrowing purpose: New business 
Borrowing amount: AUD 350,000
Type of colleterial: Residential property
Location: Sydney NSW
Third-party valuation: AUD 975,000
Loan to Value Ratio: 36% (1st Mortgage)
100% personal guarantee from the company directors 

Loan Status: Current

Total loan term: 91 days

Common loan purpose:

1. Bridging - Buy before Sold

2. Purchase

3. Equity Release

4. Renovation

5. Working Capital

Commercial Property Purpose

1. Residual Stock

2. Development Site

3. Land purchase and cashout


Residential Property Purpose

1. Bridging

2. Renovation

3. Self employed

4. Fast funding

Other Recent Deals Done in Development Finance and Commercial Loans

  1. Bella Vista 12 townhouses construction loan build-to-rent $4,140,000

  2. Sydney west 16 units apartments construction loan $5,595,000

  3. West Ryde 10 apartments build to rent construction loan $3,130,000 

  4. Peakhurst 9 townhouses residual stock funding/financing $3,200,000

  5. Newcastle 12 townhouses construction loan $6,480,000

  6. Central Coast 9 units of apartments with presales construction loan $4,400,000

  7. Purchase of Motel Sydney south $1,200,000

  8. Paramatta 16 apartments residual stock financing $5,000,000

  9. ​Newcastle 4 townhouses construction loan $1,900,000

  10. Killara Duplex construction loan - $4,000,000

  11. Sylvania development site – land loan $1,250,000

  12. Burwood commercial property purchase loan $2,980,000

  13. Waterloo commercial property refinance loan $1,300,000

  14. Pinjarra commercial property refinance loan $4,935,000

  15. Cooper Plain petrol station purchase loan $1,650,000

  16. Campsie construction loan $1,610,000

  17. Maroubra construction loan – construction last stage -$450,000

  18. Rural land purchase in Wilberforce NSW for farm production $1,000,000 

  19. Mascot commercial office loan $600,000

  20. Debtor Finance $8,000,000 for a large hospitality group via a major bank 

  21. Thomastown commercial industrial property refinance loan $4,550,000

  22. Ravenhall commercial industrial property refinance loan $4,550,000

  23. Riverstone 6 house land residual stock loan $580,000

  24. Engadine 16 townhouse construction 2nd mortgage loan $550,000

  25. Waterloo Dental consulting and Surgery Suite loan $660,000

  26. Varroville NSW land banking $300,000

  27. Cardross VIC Farm land including water rights purchase loan $875,000

  28. Leichhardt Mixed used commercial office loan $300,000

  29. Waterloo Commercial office refinance $720,000

  30. Homebush West commercial store purchase $1,100,000

  31. Business loan secured by Northbridge house  $1,085,000

  32. Winston Hills Childcare purchase $910,000

  33. Lane Cove West commercial development site $1,320,000

  34. Killara House construction loan refinance - $4,200,000

  35. Tempe commercial warehouse refinance $1,949,000

  36. Business purpose loan secured by Burwood two apartments $374,000


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