Australia has approx. 2.2 million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the size of the Australian SME lending market is regarded as being around $20 billion. As a result of changes to bank capital requirements and return on equity considerations, the major banks and other traditional lenders have been retreating from the SME lending space.

Loan size & loan term

Loans made by the Fund will typically range in size from $100k to $7mil with a maximum LVR of 75% on residential and/or commercial property, and 55% on vacant land. Loan terms generally will be 12 months or less.


The Fund takes property or real estate security interests from borrowers and (if available) guarantors such as directors and shareholders. These will include Australian land and business assets as well as personal/director guarantees.


N1’s internal credit assessment team has significant experience in both residential and commercial loan broking. It works with a team of experienced audit, compliance, investment, risk, legal, finance and operations experts in property and credit, both locally and internationally.

Board Governance

N1 Holdings Ltd board of directors, credit committee and advisors oversee the whole process, with rigid compliance as an ASX-listed entity, providing transparency and accountable performance monitoring.

Deal sourcing and due diligence

N1 access to a network of developers, builders and project marketers, do provide comprehensive due diligence aspects and firsthand opportunities to quality projects and security.

Regular fund reporting

We provide regular updates to our investors, with audited figures. The One Lending Fund is audited by ShineWing Australia.

Up to 7% P.A.
​Annual Return
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