N1 Holdings Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and became a public company on the 18th March of 2016. Its stock code is N1H. N1 Holdings Limited is a business, financial and property services firm that operates under the brand “N1 Loans”, “N1 Realty”, "N1 Migration" and "N1 Asset Management". N1 as an ACL and AFSL holder aims to deliver the complete value chain of a business, individual and real estate financial transactions, and possesses the unique strength of having a strong position in the Australian Small and Medium businesses (SME) market. N1’s current services span across commercial lending, residential property loans, business finance, equipment finance, property sales and rental management. N1 consistently delivers robust growth across multiple complementary business entities, aiming to establish itself as a market leader in customer satisfaction with its unique and diversified business model.


N1 Holdings’ group of businesses provide strategic advice on businesses, project developers and property investors seeking new equity capital/debt, refinancing or refinancing existing debt. We assist borrowers through the complex processes of Australian major banks, private funds, and offshore debt capital providers.

With the growth in lending from non-traditional sources, such as alternative banks and non bank funders and lenders, N1 overseas strategic alliances are perfectly placed to advise businesses through this changing lending environment and debt/capital market.

N1 Loans (a subsidiary of N1 Holdings) has been recognized by media and industry peers as Australia top 10 mortgage brokerage firms consistently for the last couple of years.


For more information of N1 Holdings Limited, please follow the link www.n1holdings.com.au

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Ren Hor Wong
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
18 March 2016
Australia Stock Exchange
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