N1H partners with Chinese advisory firm

N1 Holdings Limited (ASX:N1H or the “Company”) is pleased to disclose its partnership with FuHeng Family Office Consultancy (FuHeng), a Beijing and Shanghai-based firm, to further enhance N1H’s capital raising capacity in China.

FuHeng assists high net worth individuals in China invest in assets both in China and abroad. FuHeng currently aims to also provide its clients exposure to Australian asset and investment opportunities. Fuheng’s services span across private equity and listed investments.

N1H launched the One Lending Fund in February 2019. As reflected in the ASX announcement on 8 May 2019, N1H continues to raise capital for One Lending Fund. Meanwhile, N1H is also exploring opportunities with pipeline investors to launch another fund to provide more options to its investors base.

N1H Executive Chairman and CEO Ren Hor Wong said: ”FuHeng has been a major contributor to One Lending Fund in reaching the fund’s capital raise milestone. We look forward to more collaborations not just for One Lending Fund, but also for other opportunities that suit our mutual investors’ appetite. While we have investors locally in Australia and abroad such as Singapore and Malaysia, this partnership with FuHeng is critical to strengthening our capital raising capability in China.”

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