N1 launches suite of self-branded home lending products

N1 Holdings Limited (ASX:N1H or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the launch of a suite of self-branded home lending products. This initiative has been launched to capitalise on the Company’s growth in market share in residential home loan broking.

The new product suite, named “N1 Plus”, includes a range of prime, specialist and “low doc” loans.

Some of the features in the products include:

- loans with an 85% loan to valuation ratio with no lender’s mortgage insurance;

- expatriate loans; and

- interest-only repayments.

The Company’s independent director, Mr. David Holmes, has been and will continue to guide and support N1H’s internal credit team through the launch of the N1 Plus range of products.

N1H CEO and Executive Chairman Ren Hor Wong said: “We are very excited with this new launch after months of hard work by the team. These products will provide the Company with synergistic efficiencies and the opportunity for them to be sold to the Company’s mortgage broking clients. The Company continues to evolve and innovate our business model through the diversification of its product and service offerings.”

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