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Audited track record, asset backed, billion dollars credit experience, with quarterly dividend distribution brought by ASX-listed asset manager


*Wholesale investors only

One Lending Fund is a property-backed mortgage fund, tapping the strong AUD$20 billion potential market opportunity by 2,300,000 SMEs in Australia seeking finance and cash flow solutions. All loans secured with Australian real estate and directors guarantee. 

*Wholesale Investors only



N1 Asset Management (N1 Venture Pty Ltd ABN 83 602 937 851) is a wholly owned subsidiary of N1 Holdings Limited, an ASX listed company (ASX:N1H) currently managing over $90mil in lending capital and have settled over $300mil SME loans since 2017.  


N1’s mortgage fund focuses on the goal of providing capital protection and income-focused solutions designed to help you achieve your financial goals. 



If you’re an SME owner seeking a financing solution for your business or next project, think N1 mortgage funds. A flexible, agile alternative for business financing. No hidden agenda and fees.

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